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New Poll! From which deceased author would you love to discover new work?

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From which deceased Canadian author would you love to see new work? (image credit Alexshebanov)

We've all heard stories of manuscripts discovered in dusty attic rooms or hidden for decades in unopened suitcases. Wouldn't it be great if one of them turned out to be by your favourite author? When you've exhausted all the books by a favourite author who's long since died, you know you won't get the pleasure of coming across any new work by that person.

So for our new poll we want to know: if you could snap your fingers and have a new book by a beloved, deceased Canadian author, who would you choose?

Maybe more tales of Anne from everyone's favourite P.E.I. resident? Some more Montreal adventures from the Richler patriarch? A follow-up to Elizabeth Smart's masterpiece By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept?

Let us know by voting in our new poll, and keep poking around in your grandparents' attics and basements...

image credit Alexshebanov

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