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Read To Me: Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool?

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Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool by Isabel Minhós Martins

Read To Me, a new series on Open Book, showcases those magical children’s books that kids will ask you to read multiple times, and that you’ll love reading. Today, we’re featuring Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool? (Owlkids) by Isabel Minhós Martins, with illustrations by Yara Kono.

ABOUT THE BOOK: An adaptation of the nursery rhyme “Baa Baa Black Sheep”, Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool? tells the story of a little boy and his pet lamb getting ready for a cold winter. The boy repeatedly asks the lamb for more wool to knit more clothes. Together the boy and lamb find a solution so they both stay warm for the winter.

WHY KIDS WILL LOVE IT: The relationship between the boy and his lamb resembles the ones children have as they learn to develop friendships. Children will connect with the lamb’s giving heart and empathy, when he says to the boy “Little friend, if you’re that cold. I will let you take my wool and you can knit it all up.” The boy acknowledges the gift of sharing and responds to the lamb “I made another scarf and other cozy clothes. Then I realized … I wanted to share them with you! I made all these clothes with your wool and soft thread. If they fit you, little lamb, you will say good-bye to the cold.” Kids will also love the humour in the text and illustrations when the boy dresses the lamb with clothes.

WHY GROWN UPS WILL LOVE IT: Written in rhyming and repetitive text, children learn about co-operation and sharing. This story enables children to use their creative thinking and reasoning skills to find a solution. When children come across a problem it is important for them to know they can be part of the solution and that sharing and working together are part of building healthy relationships including the one they have with themselves. Little Lamb, Have You Any Wool? will quickly become part of your bedtime reading routine.

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Buy this book at Owlkids or at Chapters/Indigo or Amazon.

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