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Readers Write: A Guest Post from Author Alison Silbert

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Boost Your Revenues

Author and Open Book reader Alison Silbert is on a month-long blog tour to discuss her recently published book. She shares with Open Book the story of how she came to write Boost Your Revenues. For a full list of Alison's tour stops, please click here.

As a child, I wrote lots of stories in school and did loads of journaling in my teen years. In 2004, I received certification in technical writing at George Brown College.

I started to write simple articles in the second year I was running my internet marketing business as a way to generate prospects’ interest, exposure and credibility. I found that I tremendously enjoyed writing as a way of expressing my unique abilities to teach others about online marketing and constructing websites, that I ended up continuing to write articles.

A colleague suggested I put commonly asked questions into a book that I could hand out to prospective clients. It seemed like a good idea, so I went ahead and wrote the outline, then found potential book publishers (two of which showed interest in the outline). I completed the copy of the book, resubmitted the full manuscript to the same two publishers outlining the pre-qualifying process I had already completed and signed a deal.

Boost Your Revenues was born. In 2007, I revised the copy within the book to include new questions I had begun to hear and included brief instruction-sets about how to use some simple website template styles, how to use some common content management systems (e.g. Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal) and some common questions that someone seeking a website company should ask any representative. I also included thought-provoking marketing topics such as “how to refine your ideal client definition” and “how to make your website compel your ideal client to start sales cycles for you” and a full section dedicated to simple ways the non-technical business-person can promote a website and boost their search engine rank via article writing and social media postings.

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