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The StarPhoenix Reviews Hot Air and Weird Weather

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The StarPhoenix Reviews Hot Air and Weird Weather

In the Saturday edition of Saskatoon’s newspaper, The StarPhoenix, Michelle Lalonde reviews four books about global warming. Hot Air: Meeting Canada's Climate Change Challenge (McClelland & Stewart) by Jeffrey Simpson, Mark Jaccard and Nic Rivers offers a “clear and chilling explanation of just how, why and to what degree the political leadership in this country has fumbled and continues to fumble this issue.” In Weird Weather: Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Climate Change But Probably Should Find Out (Groundwood) Kate Evans uses cartoons to educate her readers about global warming, but while “the panels are flippant and funny, the message is absolutely terrifying...

Evans has done her homework and boiled down the sometimes dry and deeply complex science and history of climate change down to its frightening essence.” Lalonde also reviews Earth Under Fire: How Global Warming Is Changing the World (University of California Press), a “meticulously researched, visually stunning” book by photojournalist Gary Braasch, and Global Warning: The Last Chance for Change (Reader's Digest) by Paul Brown which offers “compelling” text and “300 breathtaking photographs.”

These are important, interesting, and carefully researched books, and there’s no better time to pick one of them up from your local library or bookseller. As Lalonde points out, “these next few years may well decide the future of the planet, making it imperative that citizens push for political action now on all levels. There has never been a more urgent need for Canadians to educate themselves on any issue.”

Read the full review here.

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