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Whazamo! The TCAF Artist Series, with Isabelle Melançon

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Open Book is celebrating the outstanding graphic novels and comics published here in Ontario and throughout the country with Whazamo! Check out Open Book's Whazamo! page all month long to keep up to date.

This spring, we teamed up with the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) to ask Canadian comic creators about their work. The artists — who you can find at TCAF May 5th and May 6th — each submitted an image that answered one of our three questions: Why should everyone read comics? Who is your audience? What inspired you to start making comics? Check back throughout May for new comics in the series.

Isabelle Melançon’s response to the question, “What inspired you to start making comics?” leaves us swooning over the power of comics and the talent of the artist.

Isabelle is a French-Canadian artist born in 1985. She grew up in a family of book and comic-lovers and has been drawing ever since she could lift a pencil. She used to want to be a dragon-riding knight, then envisioned a career change as a comic artist at the age of ten.

Since then, Isabelle has been drawing her way through school, which included doodling on lockers, and graduated from the University of Ottawa with a visual arts and administration double-major. Isabelle has a few published graphic novels and art exhibits under her belt. Namesake is her first long-term project.

Isabelle’s drawing style is heavily influenced by American and Japanese animation, as well as older Victorian and french illustration work, creating a fluid yet detailed mix. She is madly in love with fairy tales and literature and enjoys playing with the classics in her comic and written works.

Learn more about Isabelle Melançon and her work at her website,

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