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TSAR's March Sale

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TSAR's March Sale

During March, TSAR Publications is offering 10% off of all women's titles with free shipping and no taxes if you order directly from their website.

Selected titles:

  • The Writing Circle by Rozena Maart
    A group of women in South Africa must cope with the sexual assault of their close friend.
  • The Chinese Knot and Other Stories by Lien Chao
    Chinese women navigate the political and emotional challenges for immigrants in Toronto.
  • The Enemy Within by Nalini Warriar
    Seventeen-year-old Sita is married off by her parents to an Indian engineer in Quebec City. In spite of a cold marriage to an insensitive, dominating man, leaving whom is not an option, she carves out a life and career for herself. But politics and intrigue threaten to suffocate her.
  • The Palm Leaf Fan and Other Stories by Kwai-yun Li
    An intimate snapshot of women's lives in a marginalized Chinese community in 1960s Calcutta.

For a full list of titles, go to


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