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Weekly Round-Up: Open Book: Ontario

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An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Ontario this week.

Open Book talks with hockey writer Mike Leonetti, author of The Magnificent Mario (Scholastic), about writing for young readers, Mario Lemieux-as-artist and the greatest team in NHL history (hint: it's not a Leafs team). Read the complete interview here.

Open Book poses Ten Questions to Sheila Dalton, author of The Girl in the Box (Dundurn), about Olympic-level research, the benefits of solitude and her experiences in Guatemala. Read the complete interview here.

In this instalment of Fiction Craft, Shaun Smith picks the brains of eleven well established writers about capturing voice in dialogue. Shaun speaks with Brian Francis, Olive Senior, Mahtab Narsimhan, Kate Cayley, Rebecca Rosenblum, Robin Spano, Steve Stanton, Rob Benvie, Hillary Jordan, Carmen Rodriguez and Pam Withers. Read the complete article here.

OBO puts journalist/poet/librarian-in-training Carey Toane in the hot seat, asking for her responses to the Proust Questionnaire. Carey discusses poppies, breakfast in bed and what Canadian author out-Franzens Franzen. Read the complete questionnaire here.

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