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Weekly Round-up: Open Book: Ontario

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Weekly Round-up: Open Book: Ontario

An update of the interviews and features on Open Book: Ontario this week.

Ten Questions, with John Bacher

John Bacher talks to Open Book about Edmund Zavitz, Canada’s special relationship with trees and some surprising aspects of Ontario’s environmental history, including how close we came to losing countless acres of precious farmland and forests. Read more

On Writing, with Alma Fullerton

Alma Fullerton talks to Open Book about Burn, the importance of teachers and the unique experience of writing in free verse. Read more

On Writing, with Edward Butts

“Imagine trying to write a factual book about a historical character whom one country has all but forgotten, and another country regards as the equivalent of Jack the Ripper,” Edward Butts tells Open Book about working on his latest book, Simon Girty: Wilderness Warrior. Read more

On Writing, with Rebecca Bender

“Visually it was inspired by a painting I conjured up of a giraffe suspicious of a bird sitting next to him on a wire. This turned into a story one day when I thought about their relationship and the space they share,” Rebecca Bender tells Open Book about her newest book, Giraffe and Bird. Read more

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