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Whazamo! Profiles: Diego Bergia

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Diego Bergia

Open Book is celebrating the outstanding graphic novels and comics published here in Ontario and throughout the country with Whazamo! profiles, contests, videos and a series of original literary comics curated by Vepo Studios. Check out Open Book's Whazamo! page all month long to keep up to date.

Diego Bergia is the street artist and animator behind Lepos, the lively and lovable character who has invaded Toronto, New York, Los Angeles, Prague, Stockholm, Berlin and Vancouver. You can follow the adventures of Lepos — including his quest to become an arcade game — in The Lepos Bible, published by Koyama Press.

Diego Bergia responded to Open Book's Whazamo! questionnaire with these signature illustrations. Find out how he envisions The Lepos Bible, how his ideas turn to images turn to words, how he gets his creative juices flowing and what his work space looks like. He also reveals his preferred medium, his thoughts about the popularity of graphic novels and his favourite member of the comic arts family. Visit his websites The Primary Invasion and Where Is Lepos for more of his work. (Click on each illustration to get a better look. The images can be further enlarged by clicking on the icon with four arrows that will appear.)


Diego Bergia is a Toronto-born street artist/animator who is obsessed with arcade games, rock and roll, baseball and Mexican food. He began postering the Lepos campaign in 2005, after ten years of painting traditional graffiti. He has since traveled to New York, Los Angeles, Prague, Stockholm, Berlin and Vancouver with the Lepos project.

In 2010 Diego Bergia teamed up with Koyama Press to publish The Lepos Bible, a detailed documentation of his street-art and the creation of the Lepos arcade game. Lepos has been published in other books, including Sticker City: Paper Graffiti Art (Thames & Hudson, 2007) and NYC BCN: Street Art Revolution (Collins Design, 2006), and has appeared in video games such as Tony Hawk's Project 8 and EAʼs Skate 2. Bergia's work was also included in the Wooster Collective's notable 11 Spring Street Project, curated by Marc and Sara Schiller.

Diego continues to produce work for the Lepos arcade game and hopes to one day make it a reality.

For more information about The Lepos Bible please visit the Koyama Press website or go to

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