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April Updates from Open Book

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Fresh & Local: Your connection to Toronto's vibrant literary scene

Dear Readers,

April updates from Open Book: Toronto:

Book launches, poetry slams, open houses, poetry bootcamp, birthday bashes, readings, workshops — what an amazing variety of literary events we have happening in this city! Make sure to visit Open Book's comprehensive Events Page for a full list of literary events in the GTA. If you have a literary listing you'd like us to add, please send it to Rebecca Lohse at

We're delighted to announce that Devyani Saltzman, Curator of Literary Programming for Luminato, is blogging on Open Book. In the months leading up to the 2011 festival, Devyani and the Luminato literary team will "chronicle the inside story of making Luminato's literary program come to life."

Shaun Smith's Sunday Sundries — a "Weekly Roundup of Internet Curiosities from the Book World" — never fails to delight us, inspire us and raise our eyebrows. Charmingly decorated envelopes by children's book illustrators? Delightful! The Aquala Bath Caddy? Inspiring! Bad excerpt from romance novels? Eyebrows raised. Read it here.

In George Murray's latest Questionless Books Interview, he talks to Chad Pelley, author of Away from Everywhere. An excerpt from the interview:

"At its core, Publishing is... the gentle collision of an ancient art with modern marketing.

"As opposed to Editing, which is... like taking your work to a beauty parlour. And one that can give a bald man Bieber hair, when you find the right editor."

Did you know that in some circles, Toronto is called the "Screwface Capital. A place where audiences don't respond much to anything, brilliant readings, slick-spoken-word diatribes or otherwise"? We didn't know it either, but now that we do, we're determined to shout, "joy!" (or whatever else is asked of us) the next time we go to a reading. Read Dalton Higgins's latest column, "Who's Your Audience, and How You Should Be Dazzling 'Em."

In her latest article, Melanie Janisse looks at looking at art and the profound effect it can have. She also writes about Ekphrastic Poetry and Paris and beauty. Read her article "Art Objects" and browse through her stunning photos here.

National Poetry Month is drawing to a close, but there's still time for you to enter our April contest to win an amazing poetry prize pack. Simply send us an email to with the subject heading "Poetry Prize Pack" and tell us the name of your favourite Canadian poet. Hurry! The contest closes on April 30th.

This month, we started a new series of interviews on Open Book: Poets in Profile. Read the interviews to find out more about your favourite poets and to discover poets you haven't yet read.

Make sure you stop by Angela's WIR page for her insightful interviews and essays. You can send your questions and comments for Angela to or sign in and post them directly to her blog.

We'd love to hear from you. Please send your comments, questions and suggestions to

All the best,
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