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Joey Comeau, New Features, Interviews and Introducing Open Book: Ontario

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Fresh & Local: Your connection to Toronto's vibrant literary scene

Dear Readers,

Your September highlights from Open Book: Toronto:

Love the lit scene in Toronto but also want to know what's happening in Ottawa, Thunder Bay, Guelph and all of the other towns and cities across the province? We can help with that. We are delighted to announce that we've launched, a new website focused on Ontario's literary scene. The site is full of fresh content including news items, interviews, profiles, event listings, event photos and videos. features an innovative and exciting mapping project. Together with partners and the public, we want to map Literary Ontario — all of our province's literary landmarks and places — online. Click on a pinpoint on the map and get a pop-up page full of information, photos, videos and even audio about our province's literary places of interest.

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We hope you remembered to enter our September contests for fantastic prizes from The Word On The Street, Owlkids and Open Book. Thanks to all of you who entered the contests, and congratulations to the winners!

You can still enter our September book giveaway to win a copy of One Bloody Thing After Another (ECW Press) by Writer in Residence Joey Comeau.

Open Book's September Writer In Residence, Joey Comeau, has been blogging about a variety of topics: fashion, comics, e-readers and more. He's also been making lists: "5 'favourite books' that are warning signs on dating profiles", "5 talented writers who are terrible people" and "5 classic books that I don't know anything about." You can send your questions for Joey to or post them directly to his blog.

"We only knew it existed through Karen Solie's poem of the same name, from her third collection, Pigeon (2009). 'We knew it couldn't last,' the poem writes, 'and then it did.'" rob mclennan writes about Karen Solie and Casa Mendoza.

"Who among you hasn't checked out your date's bookshelves to see if you like his or her 'style'? .... The book you're seen reading says a lot about you, and in awards season a few new titles get added to that gotta-have-it list." In her latest column, "To Do: Make Lists," Becky Toyne writes about this year's literary award season.

We're offering a sneak peek into our Fall Magazine (coming soon!). In "Two for the Road," Wayne Grady and Merilyn Simonds write about co-authoring a book with one's spouse.

Banned books, first novels, indie bookstores and more. Shaun Smith's "Weekly Roundup of Internet Curiosities from the Book World."

Our latest interviews are with Aisha Sasha John, Anne Duke Judd and Kenneth L. Thornburn, Anthony De Sa, Adebe D. A., Julie Wilson, Marianne Apostolides, Gary Taxali, Judy Andrekson, Lori Cayer, Anita Windisman, Ann Birch, Antony Di Nardo, Conor McCreery, C.B. Forrest, Brian Joseph Davis.

For a list of literary events in the GTA, please visit Open Book's Events Page.

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