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On Learning to Read Again: Tips from a First-Time Author (PART TWO)

Welcome back Open Book readers! Here's Part Two of an earlier post on some advice for new writers embarking on their first book experience.
# 3 Give Back to the Community

On Learning to Read Again: Tips from a First-Time Author (PART ONE)

“The problem with the writing community right now is that we’re not reading each other anymore.” This statement came from a friend and fellow poet over a beer at a recent Pivot Reading in Toronto. At first, I wanted to disagree. I thought about all the books I had purchased, the stacks I bring home from stores and literary events, how I try to make a point of reading a decent percentage of what comes out of the Canadian Poetry community, especially Ontario. I knew that others did the same. Then I thought about my own book and fell into one of those self-pitying, insecure pits that many emerging writers are prone to. I thought about my own sales last year. I made the connection. I agreed. We’re not reading each other anymore.

Poet in Preview: Stevie Howell

BT: Stevie, in 2014 you published your brilliant debut collection, Sharps, with Goose Lane Editions. Not only did you receive numerous rave reviews in The National Post, Canadian Literature, and The New Quarterly, to name a few, but you were also nominated for The Gerald Lampert Memorial Award. A lot of writers get asked about the experience of publishing their first book, but I'm more interested in your experience afterward. After such a successful debut, what comes next for Stevie Howell? What have you been up to the last year and what can readers look forward to?

Poet in Preview: Daniel Renton

BT: Daniel, you're a permanent and vital fixture in both the Toronto and East Coast literary communities, and you're the host of one of Toronto's best reading series, The Common Readings at The Belljar Cafe. You've recently finished a long-anticipated chapbook with Frog Hollow Press that is officially launching early next year. Tell us about Milk Teeth, and give us a glimpse of what readers can look forward to after your chapbook is released.

Good Morning Open Book Readers!

Hello Open Book readers! It’s a pleasure to be here, and I look forward to acting as the writer in residence here at Open Book for the month of December. Having been given time to contemplate what topics I might want to write about during my online residency, I became all too aware of how daunting the task could be. About twenty times a day I check my newsfeed on Facebook and see countless articles, reviews, essays, blog posts, etc. being circulated, all the virtual pats on the backs, the moments of awe that come as I read a particularly interesting piece.

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