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Part 2 - Q&A with bestselling author Kate Hilton

Yesterday I featured Part 1 of a 2-part Q&A with Kate Hilton, best-selling author of The Hole in the Middle. Originally Kate self-published the book. Then an agent contacted her, and six days later sold the book to HarperCollins. Penguin Random House has since bought the book and will publish it in January 2016 in the US.

Q. If you had known what you know now, would you have self-published or done something different?

First she self-published, then she became a bestseller

Another common question I get asked by aspiring authors is this: How do you know when to give up on trying to get an agent or publisher to take interest in your manuscript, and instead go the self-publishing route. So today I'm featuring the biggest success story by an author I know personally (since I do not know E.L. James, author of Fifty Shades of Grey), Kate Hilton. Kate originally self-published her first novel when she couldn't find an agent to represent her. Three weeks after she self-published, an agent contacted her. Six days after that, HarperCollins bought her book.

To Market, to market

One of the most common questions I get asked when I tell people I'm an author is "Where can I buy your book?" I suppose it's a legitimate question, like, I might say, "Out of the trunk of my car." Which wouldn't be the worst thing I could do -- that's how author Lisa Genova first sold her now bestseller (and inspiration for the soon to be widely released film starring Julianne Moore).

But it's easier to sell more books if you don't have to rely on driving around the city, shouting that you've got books in your trunk, hoping someone wants one. But once your book is written, how does anyone find out about it? Marketing.

Today I’m talking to Erin Creasey, the Sales & Marketing Director at ECW Press. Erin’s been at ECW for almost seven years.

Oh, hi there ...

Come in, have a seat. Would you like coffee? Tea? Scotch? Oh right, it's Monday morning. Well, never mind. Welcome to my cozy little spot. I'll be here all month, and I'd love if you joined me. It makes me look less crazy if I'm talking to you than to myself.

I'm here because I'm an author of two novels for adults and two novels for teens.

Moving on

Most people think an author's debut novel is their first. Makes sense, right? But for most authors, a first novel is often, more precisely, their first novel to be published. Disheartening? Maybe. Or maybe it's encouraging. But how do you know when your first manuscript is THE ONE, or if it's time to move on?

Marissa Stapley is the author of the recently released novel Mating for Life. The national bestseller is her debut novel, but it's not the first one she's ever written.

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