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Whazamo! Comics: Michael Cho

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I met Michael Cho at one of the first TCAFs, where I picked up a tiny mini comic called Night Time. It made an impression; not just the art, but a first person voice that captured the thrill and freedom of being a teenager (it's kind of like Arcade Fire's 'The Suburbs' before 'The Suburbs').

Around the city, Cho's two-tone illustrations have graced section headings at the late-departed Pages bookstore and books like Owl's Max Finder Mysteries. More recently he's been doing covers for comic collections for adults and younger-readers, and if we're lucky, he'll soon release his sketchbook of Toronto's back alleys .

All this makes Cho an artist to be reckoned with. For this project he chose the book Our Lady of the Flowers written by French author Jean Genet while he was in prison. The story is powerful, personal and definitely for mature readers, or as Cho says, "It's not like I'm doing a piece on Winnie the Pooh or anything." You can find more of Cho's work here:


WHAZAMO! Comics: Graphic vs Novels
Every TUESDAY and THURSDAY for the month of May, Open Book: Toronto will feature an original comic by a Canadian cartoonist. We asked them to share a story of one book that has inspired them as artists, as storytellers, as people. Together, their comics will open a window, a panel if you will, into the mysterious process of inspiration.

Click on the illustrations for a better look. (The images can be further enlarged by clicking on the icon with four arrows that will appear.)

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I like Cho's dramatic and striking artwork.Very compelling.

nick a.

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