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Whazamo! Profiles: Troy Little

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Name: Troy Little

Hometown: Summerside, PEI but spent many years living in Ottawa.


Role: writer / artist (sometimes publisher).

Latest Work: Angora Napkin, IDW Publishing

What’s It About in a Nutshell:
Beatrice, Molly and Mallory, the girls of the pop band Angora Napkin find themselves running late for the big Halloween show. Taking a short –cut on a dark, twisted mountain road, the girls cross paths with one of the wandering dead and offer him a lift to a secret underground party. All hell breaks loose when the girls unwittingly convince a lonely, misunderstood zombie to eradicate life on Earth in order to keep the party of the undead going for all eternity

What first inspired you to create comics or graphic novels?
I've had a life long love for comics and I've always played around with making comics. One day I decided to take control over my creative destiny and make a major work in this medium. The first book is called 'Chiaroscuro' and was published in 2007 by IDW Publishing. I took a slight detour on my second book, "Angora Napkin" but I'm back on track now and hard at work on the follow up to "Chiaroscuro".

What for you makes a comic or graphic novel AWESOME!?
I'm a big fan of the independent stuff. I find the raw, unconstrained talent and drive of those writer/artist types gives a passion for their books that I find lacking in work-for-hire comics. For myself, I think that being the sole creator of my books lends to an organic nature and pacing of the storytelling that you don't find in mainstream comics. I adapt the visuals to best fit the tone of whatever book I'm working on; from a densely rendered illustration for dramatic works (Chiaroscuro) to a loose and energetic cartoony book (Angora Napkin). I've found people really respond to and relate with my characters and endlessly harass me for the next book, so I guess I'm doing something right!

What subjects are you obsessed with?
Time and Quality.

If you weren’t doing comics or graphic novels, what would you be doing?
Probably the same things I do when I'm not making comics: animation and fine art.

What is your favourite Canadian graphic novel, or What’s your favourite graphic novel of all time?
CEREBUS. Hands down. The finest work in the comic medium on this planet.

What are you working on now?
I've (finally) started work on "Chiaroscuro: Book II" after a lengthy hiatus to do the "Angora Napkin" book and animated pilot for Teletoon (Not sure the air date yet, maybe August?). I have a secret project in the works as well that should rear it's head later this year. Shhhh!

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