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Video of the Week: Anansi Spreads the Love for Little Free Libraries

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Little Free Libraries, which are very much what they sound like, started in Wisconsin in 2009. They've been enthusiastically embraced in many cities, including Toronto, where the little boxes inviting anyone to borrow and read a book have popped up in neighbourhoods across TO.

Toronto-based publisher House of Anansi has created a video to encourage the use of LFLs and to highlight the many fantastic books they've placed in the mini libraries. In the video, Anansi staffers wandering the streets of Toronto, absorbed in their reads before depositing them in a Little Free Library for others to enjoy. Even Anansi President Sarah MacLachlan gets in on the fun. Some of the books highlighted in the video include newly published novel like Robert Hough's The Man Who Saved Henry Morgan and Lynn Crosbie's Where Did You Sleep Last Night as well as older titles like Lisa Moore's multi-award-nominated Alligator.

The fun video, shot in stop motion and scored with an upbeat tune, is just the thing to get you motivated to find your own LFL and see what treats might be in store.