Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Video of the Week: Book Trailer for The Girl of the Wish Garden

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Uma Krishnaswami's The Girl of the Wish Garden (Anansi) re-tells the fairy tale of Thumbelina as an exploration of the world rather than an old-fashioned story of passive love. Instead a story of wonder and discover, The Girl of the Wish Garden will take you to a tiny, magical place.

The text is a response to the dreamy, otherworldly illustrations of Nasrin Khosravi, which you can see in the trailer for the book. Strange and yet familiar, the beauty of this book will delight young readers as well as their (supposedly) grown-up parents and friends.


What a lovely book trailer! I'm especially interested in book trailer currently because the topic of my April blog for Open Book Toronto (Kid Lit Can) happens to be this very subject: book trailers for children's books.

Hope you'll pop by in a week or two, have a read, and let me know what you think!

When one makes a video book trailer for illustrated book, its difficult to think of a creative conceit that supports the existing visuals, and does them justice too. One thing that can be done, is focus on the component that is *not* already there - music. The creators of this piece did that very well, matching the whimsy of art with the singers voice and musical instrumentation. Nicely done! We have a few of similar nature here too :)

Very pretty!