Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Video of the Week: Book Trailer for Shameless by Marilyn Churley

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Marilyn Churley's Shameless: The Fight for Adoption Disclosure and the Search for My Son (Between the Lines Books) is a powerful story. Part memoir, part rallying cry, the book details Churley's difficult experience in the Ontario adoption system in placing her infant son up for adoption as a teenage mother.

Years later, Churley became the Ontario NDP government’s minister responsible for all birth, death, and adoption records, finding herself in a perfect position to reform a broken system that left adoptions shrouded in shame and birth mothers vilified.

Watch this trailer to hear from Churley herself on her experience both as a minister and as a birth parent, and on her fight in the legislature to improve adoption disclosure laws.

Churley's willingness to speak publicly about a difficult experience and hard-fought battle has made a difference in the lives of countless adoptive children and parents. Don't miss the chance to hear from a tenacious and inspiring writer in Shameless.

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