Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015

Video of the Week: Strangers Project Founder Brandon Doman asks, What's Your Story?

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When Brandon Doman set up a table outside a coffeeshop in Michigan and asked strangers to share their stories with him, he wasn't sure anyone would respond. But respond they did, and in 2009 the Strangers Project was born.

Now Brandon has put together a book, featuring about 200 of his favourite stranger stories from the 15,000+ he has collected over the years. Some strange, some heartbreaking, some hilarious, the tales shared in What's Your Story? True Experiences from Complete Strangers (HarperCollins Canada) will remind readers that everyone we pass in the street has complex inner lives and most importantly, great stories to share.

Check out this video from Brandon to his Canadian readers to get a taste of What's Your Story?