Trillium Book Awards Author Reading 2015


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This year I spent Labour Day weekend with my family at the CNE. We used to go there all the time but missed it last two years for a variety of reasons. As always there was so much to do and so much to see at the CNE. Whether you are interested in arts and crafts, rides and games, exotic food, acrobatic shows, animals or music – it was all there scattered throughout the CNE grounds.

The Sand Sculpture competition impressed me the most. It was absolutely remarkable to see how the artists were able to make such creative, very detailed, and gigantic sculptures using just sand and water. Very talented sculptors from several countries participated in this competition, including Canada, US, Italy, Netherlands, and Russia.

Speaking of sculpture competitions, another one certainly worth mentioning is the Butter Sculpture competition. The sculptures were absolutely fantastic and I have pictures to prove it. From now on I will never be able to look at butter the same way.

My CNE visit could not be completed without checking out book vendors. And there were quite a few there with rather extensive selections of books. To my total surprise, I found myself looking at cookbooks, which is not what I usually do at a typical bookstore. I ended up buying a few cookbooks about healthy cooking, gluten-free baking, and Mediterranean recipes.

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Victoria Sedova

Victoria Sedova is an accomplished author and literary translator. Her latest poetry collection is The Bay of Lost Love (BookLand Press).

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