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The 26th Moscow International Book Fair opened this week in Russia featuring exhibitors and visitors from over 60 countries around the world. Participants include Russian and international publishers, book distributors, literary agents, translators, book printers, and librarians. The fair was established in 1977 and become one of the largest annual book fairs in Europe but virtually unknown to publishers in Canada. As a literary translator who mainly translates from English to Russian and Ukrainian, I visit the Moscow International Book Fair whenever I can but never see any Canadian publishers there or literary agents selling rights to Canadian books. This is somewhat surprising, especially taking into consideration that Russian publishers release over 125,000 new titles per year, many of them are translations from English, including "Harry Potter" books, "Da Vinci Code" and "Fifty Shades of Grey" just to name a few.

Russia currently ranks number 3 in the world by the number of books produced per year, USA being number 1, China – number 2, and UK – number 4. I was lucky enough to translate two Canadian-authored books this year; one book from English to Ukrainian and another one from English to Russian. Hopefully more books will follow but getting Canadian and Russian publishers involved in translation projects is not an easy task. I am currently evaluating two more Canadian-published books for possible translation projects with a Russian publisher; one book is by Véhicule Press from Montreal and another one by Ronsdale Press from Vancouver. I encourage Canadian publishers to take a closer look at many English-Russian translation opportunities available for Canadian books.

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Victoria Sedova

Victoria Sedova is an accomplished author and literary translator. Her latest poetry collection is The Bay of Lost Love (BookLand Press).

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