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Dear Readers,

November updates from Open Book: Toronto.

We are head-over-heels for the Questionless Interview series our November Writer-in-Residence, George Murray, is posting on his page. The premise: George "gets a host of lit-types (authors, editors, publishers, publicists, designers, booksellers, readers, bloggers, journalists, etc.) to finish a bunch of statements about the state of literature and the 'future of books.'" Check out his Questionless Interviews with Margaret Atwood, Elana Rabinovitch, Kathleen Winter, Claire Cameron, John W. MacDonald, Antanas Sileika, Lynn Crosbie, Alexandra Yarrow and Peter Darbyshire.

When you visit George's WIR page, be sure to read his Proust Questionnaire and to check out his website and reading recommendations. Send an email to with the name of one of George's reading recommendations and the subject line "Glimpse," and your name will be entered in a draw for a copy of George's latest book, Glimpse: Selected Aphorisms (ECW Press). The contest closes on November 30th.

Send your questions and comments for George Murray to or post them directly to his page.

Melanie Janisse writes about printing presses and Coach House Books. "When talking to Stan [Bevington], I most enjoyed learning of some of these small details of printing that we don't even notice as the reader, but that make for a simpler read.... To think there are people's hands and minds even within the spaces of our texts simply blows my mind. It really does." Read "Gutenberg Hide and Seek."

Brooke Ford talks to Stephen Marche about his new interactive web novel, Lucy Hardin's Period. "'The story began with a character,' says Stephen Marche. 'A complicated thirty-year-old Toronto woman of the kind I have known my whole life.'" Read "Multiple Choices."

An Open Book reader commented on Elana Wolff's conversation with Karen Shenfeld, "This interview was a bit shocking. Seldom in Canada is the writing of poetry discussed so comprehensively and sensibly." Permit yourself to be shocked. Check out "A Shayna Maidel" for Elana and Karen's discussion of poetry and My Father's Hands Spoke in Yiddish, Karen's new book from Guernica Editions.

Our latest interviews are with Todd Denault, Maxwell Newhouse, Dalton Higgins, Rob Winger, Kevin Shea, Rona Arato, Alan Silberberg, Molly Peacock, Nadika Mallawaratchi and Pearl Pirie.

Claudia Dey's latest book, How To Be A Bush Pilot: A Field Guide to Getting Luckier, is getting everyone hot and bothered — and giggly and excited. In "Hot for Teacher," Claudia talks to Nathaniel G. Moore about her research, Captain Goodscrew, the kind of smarts sex demands and more.

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